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Our Heritage

The Fulwell Golf Course lies in the corner of what formerly was Hounslow Heath, the notorious haunt of highwaymen.

Golf began at Fulwell in 1904 when a meeting of local golfing enthusiasts was called by prominent local figure Mr H.O.Stutchbury who signed the original Guarantee Book.

Mr Harry TomlinsonThe former Captain of Mid-Surrey Golf Club (not yet “Royal”), Mr Harry Tomlinson, was voted in as the initial Chairman and Captain of the Club in 1904. The Trustees of the Freake Estate were the owners of the land upon which the course was to be built – a total of 244 acres (210 for the course) – and they set out the terms for the lease.

Subscriptions began at four guineas (£4.20) with a debenture of £5, redeemable 10 years later.



J.H. TaylorThe original layout was designed by the then professional at Mid-Surrey, J.H. Taylor. Open winner and part of the legendary “Great Triumvirate”. He laid out an “outer” 18 hole course for the men and an “inner” for ladies and high handicappers, similar to the 36 hole inner and outer layout at Mid-Surrey. The original officials of the Club included Baron and local M.P., Sir Frederick Dixon-Hartland, Viscount Villiers, and Charles O’Malley, Esq (the famous athlete), with the first full time Secretary being Captain W. Owen (1908).

By the Spring of 1905 the Club had 322 gentlemen and 92 lady members. The course had a bogey (par) of 80 and was described as “a long course, with holes varying from 122 to 514 yards, somewhat flat in appearance". In 1906 the “inner” course was extended to 18, being just under 5,000 yards in length.


In 1921 one of the most prominent golf course architects, Dr Alistair Mackenzie (of Cypress Point and Augusta National fame, pictured left), was employed to extend and improve the men’s course.


Spectators on the 4th (currently the 18th) at Fulwell

The first page of the guarantee deed book

The 6th & 7th holes illustrating Fulwell's parkland setting

J.H.Taylor driving from the first tee at Fulwell