Fulwell Golf Club prides itself on the diversity and friendliness of its membership. The Club operates an equal opportunity policy where all are welcome to apply to join.  

All playing categories are subject to an entrance fee. The Club works in connection with a company offering a direct debit scheme to allow the subscription to be paid monthly. 

Please see the table for subscription rates for the membership year October 1st 2020 to September 30th 2021. If you wish to find out more or would like to apply for membership at Fulwell please email the Secretary or phone the Office on 0208 977 2733. 
Download an application form today to start the application process.

Subscription Rates

Membership CategoryAnnual SubscriptionEntrance Fee
Full Membership£1915£1915
5 Day Membership£1436£1436
Associate Membership 18-29 Years Old£310-£1465£310-1465
Junior Membership 16-17 Years Old£200£50
Junior Membership 13-15 Years Old£150£50
Junior Membership Ages up to 12 Years Old£100£50
Social Membership£100.80N/A

Our Membership Process

Course Status
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05.12.2021 05:47
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Course Open, Winter rules in operation. No restrictions. Thank you.

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