Local Rules


1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

Beyond any wall, fence, railing, ditch or hedge bounding the course and/or beyond a line defined by white stakes.

2. Penalty Areas (Rule 17) 

Any body of water on the course including lake, pond, ditch or surface drainage ditch, whether or not containing water, should be treated as a red penalty area.  The edge of the penalty area is defined by its natural boundaries, that is, where the ground breaks sharply downwards.  Relief with a one-stroke penalty is allowed.

When penalty areas are formed by sleepers, the sleepers themselves are deemed to be in the penalty area and so relief without penalty is not an option.  

As an additional relief option, on holes 5 (left-hand side only), 14 and 15, a player in a penalty area may drop a ball on the opposite side of the penalty area to where the ball last crossed the edge of the red penalty area but the same distance from the hole.  

3. Abnormal Ground Conditions & Integral Objects (Rule 16 & Rule 8.1a)

In accordance with Rule 16, a player may take relief without penalty from any area identified as Ground Under Repair (GUR) by being contained within a freshly painted white line.  Relief MUST be taken from any area identified as GUR by being contained within a freshly painted blue line or blue stakes.

The artificial surfaces lining the bunkers are an integral part of the course.  Relief under Rule 16 is therefore not available. 

At the player’s option animal
waste may be treated as either a loose impediment that may be removed under
rule 15.1 or ground under repair from which relief is allowed under rule 16.1 

4. Wrong Green (Rule 13)

A player MUST take relief under Rule 13 if the ball comes to rest on a wrong putting green or a wrong putting green interferes with either the stance or intended swing.  When taking wrong green relief, a wrong green is defined to include the area within 2 club lengths of the edge of the putting green.

5. No Play Zones (Rule 16)

Free relief MUST be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f.

The memorial plantation to the right-hand side of the 1st tee, as defined by blue stakes, is a no play zone. 

6. Immovable Obstructions

All parts of the irrigation system are deemed to be immovable obstructions whether fixed or not.  Relief may be taken without penalty.

In addition, the player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction is on the line of play and is within 2 club lengths of the putting green and within 2 club lengths of the ball. 

7. Protection of Young Trees

Areas around young trees, identified by being supported or protected by a stake or other device such as a tube or rabbit cage, are no play zones.  

8. Suspension of Play

A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by one prolonged note of the siren.  All other suspensions will be signalled by 3 consecutive notes.  In either case, resumption of play will be signalled by 2 short notes.

Temporary Local Rules - updated 1st October 2020


At the players option, dung from wild fowl or fox may be treated either as:

  • A loose impediment that may be removed under Rule 15.1 or

  • Ground under repair from which relief is allowed under Rule 16.1


The hole liners will be set in such a way that means that all of the ball may not fall below the surface of the putting green. The ball is considered “holed” if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green, even if lodged against the flagstick.


When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may only take free relief where a ball lies in a footprint or sand divot.  The player should place the original ball, or another ball, in a relief area. The relief area is defined by:

Reference Point: Spot of nearest relief from the footprint or sand divot not nearer the hole ball.

Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: 6 inches from the reference point

Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point

Must be within the bunker

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must use the procedures for lifting and replacing a ball under Rule 14.


The flags are being left in the hole purely to identify the position of the hole on the putting green. Golfers must always leave the flagstick in the hole and not touch it deliberately.


Stakes that define either an area of the course (such as penalty areas) or distances (such as distance markers) are Immovable Obstructions and as such must not be removed but from which free relief is available under Rule 16.


When a player’s ball lies in part of the General Area cut to fairway height or less, the player may take free relief once by the placing the original ball or another ball within 6 inches of the original position and must be in the General Area and not nearer the hole.  In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rules 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.

PENALTY for breach of any of the above Rules

Match Play – Loss of hole                         

Stroke Play – Two Strokes

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