1904 Club

Fulwell Golf Club is proud to have launched the 1904 club in June 2023.

The aim of the club is to create a loose association of golf clubs that were founded in 1904, to share histories and experience and add depth to each clubs heritage.

The club facilitates:
* Opportunities for members of associated clubs to play new and interesting courses based on the 1904 common bond.
* To add golfing links to 1904 member clubs who have developed in very different circumstances.
* To help each other when and where possible.

There are currently 66 clubs identified that were founded in 1904.
66 clubs in 12 countries, as far afield as New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Singapore and the UK.
All remain committed to the game and the benefits that it can bring members.

On visiting Fulwell, all 1904 club members will receive access to a discounted fee (£45 per player - Monday - Friday) and receive a complimentary gift from the club.

The 1904 website can be visited click here